Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Farmer's Market and Second Growth Forests and Wood-Fired Pizza

Here in Olympia the city has created a permanent structure to house the local farmers market which is open Wednesday through Sundays year round.  When I first read about it I expected to find an open parking lot with lots of tables and tents.  Boy, was I ever surprised when I found the building.  Sandy and I went there Sunday.  We purchased fresh peaches, apricots, raspberries, apples, baked goods and organic meats.  So far, everything has been mouth watering.  Here is what the market looks like.

About second growth forests.

Much of the area around Olympia was logged in the late 1800s.  The forest trail we took for a hike this morning is north of the city  in an area logged in 1890.  Some of the bases of those original-growth trees still remain.  Before being cut, these were trees that had grown untouched since before the west coast was settled.  They were virgin forests. 
The stump above is what remains from when loggers cut the tree in 1890.  When the loggers cut this tree they had to climb eight to ten feet off the ground to get above the large base.  They would cut notches and wedge in a plank called a springboard on which they would stand and use their saw.  Two men would use a hand saw to fell the tree.  As time passed, the stump became a "nurse stump".  The roots of the hemlock tree that started to grow on top of the stump formed intricate patterns as they reached to the soil.  Many natural grafts have joined the roots together.  (Source of this information was a small plaque across from the "nurse stump".)

 Our path in the forest

 Some astilbe plants on the edge of the forest.

About wood-fired pizza.

After our hike we drove into downtown Olympia for lunch at this pizzeria with a wood-fired oven.  It was an outstanding meal.

Thursday we will go visit Spokane and the Pike Street Market.

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  1. Now that's a farmers market I could have a holiday in! And the pizza? Makes my mouth water. :)