Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From Washington State

We arrived in Olympia, WA on Saturday, July 14  after a 460-mile one-day drive that seemed to go on longer than we would have liked.  But overall it was too short of a trip to break up with an overnight stay, so we got an early start in Montana and pushed through to our destination.

The Pacific Northwest is beautiful.  In many ways it reminds us a lot of Montana except that there is more greenery and lush foliage.

One of the aspects of driving in Washington is the abundance of wild flowers. 

These foxglove are everywhere.  In some places there were masses of them, but wouldn't you know -- we could not safely park to get those photos.
A mixture of wild flowers and grasses.

Today we took a scenic drive on Hwy U.S. 101 in a large loop all the way up to Port Angeles on the far northern shore of Washington and then back down to Olympia.  At Kalaloch we found a small lodge on the Pacific Coast that was one of those lucky finds with ambiance and excellent food.  
The view from our table.
The inlet at Kalaloch during low tide.  Too bad it was so overcast, but not everyday do we get to look at the Pacific Ocean during lunch. 

On the way home we drove past Crescent Lake, a huge body of water created during the last glacier age.

Stay tuned for more from the Pacific Northwest. 

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