Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Walking in Olympia's Neighborhoods

I've gotten back to my regular walks and have seen some interesting stuff.  First, the control of vehicle traffic here in Olympia is very pedestrian friendly.

There are speed bumps everywhere, and slower speeds than I am accustomed to seeing.  15 MPH is typical on residential streets and in the commercial areas it is between 25 and35.
There are innumerable round-a-bouts.  We haven't seen so many of these since we drove in Ireland.  This one is on our street and is the smallest round-about we've ever seen.

Near to our rental cottage is an unusual park. In addition to a large fenced in area for dogs....
.... is this area for Small/Shy Dogs
Sunrise Park also has a large fenced in area for private flower and or vegetable gardens. 

Each plot measures 5 x 12 feet and can be rented for the season for $25.  Gardeners get a combination to the  locks on the fence, tool shed and water supply.  There are some impressive small gardens.

The climate here in the Pacific Northwest is perfect for flower gardening.  My walk around the neighborhood tonight will give you an idea of the many beautiful flowers and yards.

Tomorrow we plan to go see Mount Saint Helens.

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